About ASNU & Ace Fuel Systems

History of ASNU

A brief history about ASNU to give you comfort that you are not dealing with a here today, gone tomorrow organization.

ASNU was developed back in the early 80s by Alan Skovron, who at the time, owned his own fuel injection workshop in Sydney and was regarded as one of the leading fuel injection specialists in Australia.

In the 1980s, the Australian petrol engine vehicle market, percentage-wise, had more fuel-injected vehicles than most other major counties. With the fuel being of lead-based production and by today’s standards, of poor quality, the petrol injector valves began to foul up and clog, restricting the fuel flow and causing poor fuel atomization.

This poor injector performance affected the engine’s performance, so more and more companies started to produce chemical cleaning systems – either fluid you add to the fuel in the tank or a pressure system that fit into the fuel system. Alan had tried the various chemical cleaning systems, with differing results, but none was able to return the injectors to their original condition.

Faced with this problem, Alan experimented with cleaning injectors using ultrasonics. To test his results, he built a flow bench so that he could see the spray patterns and measure the flow rates. Further experiments using ultrasonics followed until Alan was able to get the injectors performing as if they were as good “as new” (ASNU). With the prototype ASNU, Alan started to solve problems on fuel-injected engines that other workshops and other equipment could not resolve. 

As word spread, Alan started to receive inquiries from other garages to build an ASNU system for them. With the assistance of a marketing genius, elder brother Mike, the Skovron brothers set about building and marketing the ASNU machine.

Now, the demand has grown. Motorsport, in particular, has woken up to the advantages ASNU can offer. Marine and Motorcycle engineers have also seen the need for ASNU – Yamaha and Mercury are now using ASNU.

ASNU continues to be the world leader in its field. When the likes of Sun, Souria, Allen, Bear, Crypton, and SAMES have either disappeared or been sold, ASNU stayed, using the same equipment. For ASNU to stay consistently leading the market worldwide using the basic design they started with (and some updates to technology and capabilities), they must be doing something right!

History of Ace Fuel Systems

In 1985 in Columbus, KS, the Ace Fuel Systems product line was born within the Ace Electric Company, which was part of Echlin Inc. Ace Electric supplied products to rebuilders of automotive electrical systems across the U.S. Soon thereafter, Ace Fuel Systems began supplying components including clutches, transmissions, water pumps, and carburetors to additional rebuilder markets.

Ace Fuel Systems was eventually supplying over 6000 carburetor components to over 600 dedicated carburetor rebuilders across the U.S. and Canada. Ace Fuel Systems did not sell to the traditional market but sold components strictly to the businesses that rebuilt complete carburetors for sale to re-distributors or retail. Ace Fuel Systems then added high-performance carburetor components to its product line and began distributing to performance modifiers who built carburetors for specific performance and competition engines.

In 1994, Ace Fuel Systems became the first distributor for the ASNU Fuel Injection Equipment. This created a new market in the US to test and recondition fuel injectors off-the-vehicle. St. Louis, Missouri-based GSI purchased Ace Fuel Systems in 2013 as a complement to its Tomco Fuel and Emissions business which sells carburetor components and kits.

Why Ace Fuel Systems?

Ace Fuel Systems is an authorized distributor for ASNU. Customer service is core to what we do – we go above and beyond to help customers. We offer quick turnarounds on available products, including the next day, if needed. With competitive pricing and a warehouse full of inventory, you can be certain that when you choose Ace Fuel Systems, you’re getting the best service possible.

Our product knowledge, quick answers you can count on, and friendly customer service are what keep our customers coming back! Our experts would be happy to answer any questions you have. Contact us today!