About ASNU & Ace Fuel Systems

History of Ace Fuel Systems

In 1985, in Columbus, KS, the Ace Fuel Systems product line was born within the Ace Electric Company, which was part of Echlin Inc. Ace Electric supplied products to rebuilders of automotive electrical systems across the U.S. Soon thereafter, Ace Fuel Systems began supplying components including clutches, transmissions, water pumps, and carburetors to additional rebuilder markets.

Ace Fuel Systems was eventually supplying over 6000 carburetor components to over 600 dedicated carburetor rebuilders across the U.S. and Canada. Ace Fuel Systems did not sell to the traditional market but sold components strictly to the businesses that rebuilt complete carburetors for sale to re-distributors or retail. Ace Fuel Systems then added high-performance carburetor components to its product line and began distributing to performance modifiers who built carburetors for specific performance and competition engines.

In 1994, Ace Fuel Systems became the first distributor for the ASNU Fuel Injection Equipment. This created a new market in the US to test and recondition fuel injectors off-the-vehicle. St. Louis, Missouri-based GSI purchased Ace Fuel Systems in 2013 as a complement to its Tomco Fuel and Emissions business which sells carburetor components and kits.

About Ace Fuel Systems

Ace Fuel Systems is a leading distributor of Holley high-performance carburetor components, ASNU fuel injector diagnostic and testing equipment, and a manufacturer of fuel system components. We are known for our high-quality products, customer service, and technical expertise.

We offer a wide range of carburetor parts and kits for cars, trucks, motorcycles, and marine applications. We also offer a variety of performance-enhancing carburetor components and fuel injector components.

Our team is committed to providing our customers with the best products and services. We offer quick turnarounds on available products, competitive pricing, and a knowledgeable staff that is always happy to answer questions.

Why Ace Fuel Systems?

Ace Fuel Systems takes immense pride in being a distinguished distributor for brands such as Holley Performance Products and ASNU, renowned leaders in automotive excellence. Our commitment revolves around offering products that excel in quality and dependability.

Holley Performance Products

Holley’s cutting-edge engineering prowess orchestrates precision fuel management, ensuring engines operate at their zenith. Crafted for performance and fortified with resilience, Holley components significantly curtail mechanical mishaps and extend the operational vitality of vehicles.

By seamlessly integrating the ingenuity of Holley Performance Carburetor Products into Ace Fuel System’s operations, we amplify engine performance, perfectly harmonizing with our unwavering devotion to optimizing power output.


ASNU is a fuel injector cleaning and testing system developed in the early 1980s by Alan Skovron in Australia. It was the first system to return fuel injectors to their original condition consistently.

ASNU was developed in response to the need for a better way to clean fuel injectors in the Australian market, where lead-based fuel was causing injectors to foul up and clog. Alan Skovron experimented with different cleaning methods, including ultrasonics, and eventually developed the ASNU system.

The ASNU system uses ultrasonics to clean fuel injectors and a flow bench to test their performance. It is a very effective system, and it has become the preferred choice of professionals in the motorsport, marine, and motorcycle industries, as well as other industries where high-performance fuel injection is critical.

Although many other companies have tried to develop competing systems, ASNU is still the world leader in its field. This is because ASNU is a reliable and durable system backed by experts who can always provide support.

Choose Ace Fuel Systems for Carburetors and Fuel Injectors

Ace Fuel Systems is your one-stop shop for high-quality carburetor components, kits, fuel injectors, and fuel injector components backed by excellent customer service and technical expertise. Our products are manufactured to the highest standards and backed by a satisfaction guarantee.

Ace Fuel Systems also has a team of experienced technicians who are experts in carburetors and fuel injectors. They are happy to provide technical support and advice on how to get the most out of your products.

Whether you are looking for carburetor components, kits, or fuel injectors or need to rebuild your existing injectors, look to Ace Fuel Systems for all your needs.

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