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It is the goal of ACE to continue providing you with the highest level of service.

Authorized Distributor

Ace Fuel Systems is the authorized distributor for the ASNU Fuel Injector Tester & Flow Bench. Sophisticated fuel-metering systems being used in today’s cars demand equipment that can meet the challenge of servicing these systems. . .equipment that not only tests injectors but restores flow rates back to the original specifications.

Electronically-controlled fuel injectors are very durable, precise metering systems capable of pulsing for millions of cycles. The most common problem with injectors is that they accumulate a buildup of wax, tar, and olefins inside the injector and on the pintle/seat area. These types of debris buildup will restrict the flow of fuel through the injector. These are elements of the gasoline that are baked on the injector after the engine is turned off and the temperature climbs to the highest point.

The injectors are manufactured to such close tolerances that a 5-micron buildup (a human hair measures 40 to 90 microns) will reduce the flow up to 25%. The ANSU is the only cleaning method recognized to cleanse these precise metering devices without damaging the components. Ultrasonic waves are used to break up the contaminates while the injector pulses. The debris is then carried out of the injector by a biodegradable chemical.

Why Purchase ASNU

  • Savings to the motorist with improved fuel consumption
  • Lower repair bills
  • Prolonged oxygen sensor life
  • Prolonged life of the Catalytic Converted Exhaust System
  • Preserves the environment from exhaust¬†pollution by reducing CO (carbon monoxide) pollution on an average of 36%