ASNU Junior

ASNU Junior

ASNU Junior Features

Standard features of the ASNU Junior machine include:

  • Backlit viewing window
  • Multi-language selection
  • Digital operational display
  • Membrane keypad
  • Injector shot counter display
  • Injector shot timer display
  • Duty cycle display
  • Ultrasonic injector cleaning cycle
  • Manual & automatic cleaning cycles (3 options)
  • Stand-alone ultrasonic cleaning bath (available with or without bath)
  • 2 ultrasonic bath options
  • Easy to read LCD screen
  • Suitable for all types of motorcycle injectors (see optional extras below)
  • Tests up to 6 injectors at one time
  • Up to 10,000 RPM
  • Simulates on-car spray patterns & flow rates
  • Injector leak down test
  • lb/h to milliliters calculator

Accessories & Upgrades

Available add-ons and upgraded options for the ASNU Junior machine include:

  • High-performance pump upgrade option
  • Suitable for Gasoline Direct Injector (GDI) with additional equipment
  • Suitable for injected marine engines with additional equipment
  • Suitable for LPG injection with additional equipment

Diagnosing Injector Performance

  • Before and after testing
  • Adjustable pressure
  • ASNU patented ultrasonic cleaning process
  • Fuel Spray Management – spray pattern shapes and fuel atomization are easily inspected in the ASNU display window
  • Fuel delivery volumes – the precise quantity of fuel delivered can be measured and compared for up to 6 top feed injectors or 6 side feed injectors at one time
  • Electronic operation – ASNU examines the injectors’ performance during a 10 program option milliseconds and RPM simulation program

Now, you can make a system to suit your needs, with or without ultrasonic cleaning baths. On the latest generation of lambda-controlled, fuel-injected engine management systems, correct diagnosis of the complete system is no longer an option, it’s a requirement. As these systems are “closed loop” – a design where all the components in the system contribute to the engine’s correct and efficient running – then the correct diagnostic program should cover all the components related to the complete engine management system, not just some of them. The fuel injectors and their individual performance are now one of the major components to be considered when diagnostically analyzing any system for combustion-related problems, especially if the problem is related to engine performance, fuel economy, exhaust pollution, and lambda or catalyst failure.

ASNU has created a concept called “injector diagnostics,” a testing and servicing program where the injectors’ fuel distribution, fuel droplet formation, fuel atomization, and fuel delivery, are all visually and physically checked and tested as a starting point, rather than a last resort. The injectors are then ultrasonically cleaned and the rubber sealing rings, plastic protection caps, and filter baskets are replaced, before retesting, ensuring all the injectors are performing as a matched, balanced set. Without injector diagnostics, it is impossible for garages to correctly, economically, or efficiently, solve problems with fuel-injected engines. Servicing injectors will also save time and money on service and repair bills and prolong the life of inlet and exhaust valves, piston compression rings, lambda/oxygen sensors, and the catalytic exhaust system.

ASNU Junior Machine Technical Specifications

Weight: Packed: 53 lbs; Un-Packed: 33 lbs
Bench Size: 50 x 52 x 72 cm
Voltage Input: 96v ~ 265v AC
Voltage Output: 13.8v DC

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