Asnu Machines

Fuel Injector Diagnostics

The ASNU is an injector diagnostic testing and servicing system that has been in the market since 1990. ASNU is recognized as the injector diagnostics industry leader by which all other machines are measured. Factory and distributor responsiveness and technical assistance contribute to the many benefits of the ASNU injector cleaning machine.

It is the first machine, and as far as we know only machine, to:

  • Utilize a dedicated ultrasonic tank built into the machine to clean injectors while they are pulsing
  • Offer optional software to drive injectors any peak/hold current at any simulated RPM
  • Offer equipment to pulse E-Tec and Fitch injectors
  • The optional variable voltage add-on box simulates the effect of varying input voltage has on injector fuel delivery

ASNU offers high-performance testing equipment for precise spray patterns and flow rate analysis.

ASNU offers a range of systems to suit all markets, including:

  • Aftermarket Service and Repair Workshops
  • Fuel Injection Specialist Workshops
  • Racing Engine Builders
  • High-Performance Tuning Shops
  • OEM Dealerships
  • Motorcycle Performance and Racing Specialists
  • Motorcycle Service & Repair Workshops
  • Marine Racing Performance and Racing Specialists
  • Marine Service and Repair Workshops

ASNU Injector Machines

  • ASNU Classic GDI – Test and service up to 8 injectors at one time, including direct injection injectors
  • ASNU Junior – Test and service up to 6 injectors at one time
  • 2 Stroke GDI Marine Adapter Box – Driver box specifically designed to drive E-TEC & Ficht GDI injectors
  • ASNU GDI/FSI Adapter Box – Provides the ability to update most analog ASNU machines to GDI digital capabilities
  • Piezo Adapter Box – Adapter to Classic GDI Machine that allows for testing of Piezo high-performing injectors, where maintenance is even more critical