ASNU 2 Stroke GDI Marine Adaptor Box

Boat Racing

The ASNU 2 Stroke GDI Marine Adapter Box has been produced to drive Evinrude and Ficht direct injectors with an ASNU classic GDI machine 

Box contents

  • ASNU 2SGDI driver xox
  • ASNU 147 mains power lead
  • ASNU 185D Ficht & E-Tec mounting frame
  • ASNU 185PH pintle holder
  • ASNU 185FICHT injector fuel connection & blanking plug for Ficht
  • ASNU 185ETEC injector fuel connection & blanking plug for E-TEC
  • ASNU 185T cleaning tray
  • ASNU 150M display window
  • ASNU 185F injector harness for Ficht
  • ASNU 185E3 injector harness for E-TEC 3-Pin
  • ASNU 185E2 injector harness for E-TEC 2-Pin
  • ASNU 125 adapter box to ASNU connection cable
  • ASNU 185SK E-TEC seal kit



  • ASNU Classic GDI/GDI Box
  • ASNU 266EXT injector extraction tool
  • ASNU 42 Flowrite
  • ASNU 41 Bioclean


Ficht & E-TEC injector applications

  • Marine (Evinrude, Johnson outboards and Sea-Doo jet skis)
  • Snow (Ski Doo & Polaris snowmobiles) 
  • Land (Polaris & Bombardier ATV products)


2 Stroke GDI Box Benefits

  • Run Ficht and ETEC injectors using any ASNU Classic GDI Machine/GDI Box
  • Recover seized injectors
  • Clean fouled injectors
  • Leak test injectors
  • Dynamic flow test injectors
  • View spray patterns


Injector Driver Technical Details

  • Automation detection of Ficht or ETEC injector connection
  • High voltage drive
  • Uni-directional high current drive (Ficht)
  • Bi-directional high current drive (E-TEC)
  • 100-5000 injections per minute pulsing range
  • 96-264Vac 50/60hz electrical supply range