ASNU Classic GDI

ASNU Classic GDI

ASNU Classic GDI Features

Standard features of the ASNU Classic GDI machine include:

  • Backlit viewing window
  • Multi-language selection
  • Digital operational display
  • Membrane keypad
  • Injector shot counter display
  • Injector shot timer display
  • Duty cycle display
  • Calculator for determining injector flow rates by lbs of fuel per hour or cc/milliliters of fuel per minute
  • Manual & automatic cleaning cycles
  • Capability to service all gasoline TBI-PORT & GDI injectors for automotive, marine, and power sports applications
  • Easy to read LCD screens
  • Suitable for all types of GDI injectors (except Piezo injectors – see optional extras below)
  • Sequential and simultaneous firing option for standard manifold injectors
  • Fast injector turn on and turn off circuits giving more repeatable results
  • Injector inductance test – checking injector electromagnetic circuit
  • Peak & hold current control with ECU matched current settings
  • Single injector selection during multi injector operation
  • Sequential injector firing operation for GDI injectors
  • Simulates on-car spray patterns & flow rates
  • Tests up to 8 GDI/FSI injectors at one time
  • 18 various M/S & RPM test settings
  • Static and dynamic operation
  • Up to 20,000 RPM
  • Ability to interface with laptop or PC

Accessories & Upgrades

Available add-ons and upgraded options for the ASNU Classic GDI machine include:

  • Marine 2 stroke Adapter – Add-on for Ficht and ETEC injectors; GDI Classic is required for this add-on.
  • Piezo Adapter Box – GDI Classic is required for this add-on.
  • ASNU Classic Racing Machine – An upgrade to the GDI Classic; this machine includes optional software program and variable voltage feature for performance tuners creating new fuel mapping for ECU’s.
  • Software option with adjustable settings for simulating ECU peak and hold currents, millisecond pulse widths, and engine RPM. Contact us for more information, as this does require some upgrades.

What Does GDI Mean?

GDI is an abbreviation for Gasoline Direct Injection, a process where the fuel is injected directly into the combustion chamber. There are many variations of this process, with manufacturers preferring their own abbreviation of the system, here are some of the ones currently in use:

  • FSI = VW Audi (Fuel Stratified Injection)
  • SCi = Ford (Smart Charge Injection)
  • IDE = Renault (Injection Direct Essence)
  • JTS = Alfa Romeo (Jet Thrust Stoichiometric)
  • SIDI = Holden (Spark Ignition Direct Injection)
  • HPI = BMW (High Precision Injection)
  • HPDI = Porsche (High-Pressure Direct Injection)
  • Ecotec = GM, Vauxhall, Opel
  • CGI = Mercedes Benz (Charged Gasoline Injection)
  • DISI = Ford/Mazda (Direct Injection Spark Ignition)
  • GDI = Mitsubishi Peugeot Citroën, Hyundai, Volvo (Gasoline Direct Injection)

On a GDI system, the fuel is injected directly into the combustion chamber at a much higher pressure than manifold systems, up to 200 bar. These systems now require fuel pumps and injectors made of stainless steel and must be capable of performing at a much higher specification than ones seen on previous manifold injection systems. Both are designed to deliver very precise quantities of fuel at extremely high pressures and in short periods of time, in some cases for fractions of a millisecond. To control these systems, the ECU is also of a higher specification and required to supply a higher current of up to 90v on some systems. There are many manufacturers of this type of system, but Robert Bosch is recognized as one of the leaders in the development of the GDI Technology.

How the ASNU Classic GDI System Works

The spray pattern and atomization on a GDI injector are critical to maintaining the correct performance, fuel economy, and exhaust emissions. They are now even more important than the quantity of fuel being delivered by the injector. The ASNU Classic GDI system has been designed for comparing injector against injector at a lower and safer operating fuel pressure of up to a maximum of 10 bar.

The engine management system of a GDI is designed to open the injectors for short microsecond durations with a maximum opening duration of only 5 milliseconds; any visual analysis of the injectors’ spray pattern could be both difficult and dangerous the lack of visual analysis and danger is due to extreme high pressure, not short duration. When mounted on the ASNU Classic GDI, the injectors are being supplied with the correct peak and hold currents and firing in sequential mode simulating those of the vehicle’s ECU.

The Classic GDI allows the user to examine the injectors’ spray pattern in greater detail for any discrepancies in the fuel spray pattern and atomization. In some operating modes, the ASNU system opens the injectors for a much longer duration, thus exaggerating the spray pattern and making it easier to examine the spray’s performance. The user can visually examine the injectors on an individual cycle or in sequential mode, where they can compare the injectors’ performance under a range of simulated millisecond and RPM driving cycles already programmed into the ASNU system. The injectors can be operated at various RPM and millisecond settings, restricted only by the number of injectors being tested in the sequential testing operation.

ASNU GDI Machine Technical Specifications

Weight: Packed: 122 lbs; Un-Packed: 89 lbs
Size: Packed: 67 x 57 x 83cm; Un-Packed: 56 x 43 x 70cm
Voltage Input: 98v ~ 250v AC
Operating Voltage: 12v DC

Why Ace Fuel Systems?

In 1994, Ace Fuel Systems was chosen as the first distributor for ASNU Fuel Injection Equipment. Over time, our customer service group has become the go-to people for quick and reliable information about ASNU equipment. We go above and beyond to help our customers with competitive pricing and quick turnarounds. We have a warehouse full of inventory and can even get you product the next day. When you choose Ace Fuel Systems you’re getting the best service. Our product knowledge, quick answers you can count on, and friendly customer service are what keep our customers coming back!

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